Hey my name is Shlomo Freund and I'm the founder of FreeFinancialSelf.com where I help entrepreneurs to reach their financial freedom by planning, investing and optimizing their lives. I just built a tool which I personally use when building my personal wealth. AMA anything.

Hi! My name is Agnete - founder of female empowering underwear brand called Moons and Junes. Ask me anything!

Nov 22, 2017

AMA I am a Fashion and Textile Designer, Maker, crowd funding a campaign on Kickstarter, Making wearable works of art Ask Me Anthing

Chatbots: we are Henri Ben Ezra and Avi Ben Ezra and we co-founded SnatchBot to make chatbot creation, simple, user-friendly and free! Ask us anything about chatbots, especially about how to create a fantastic user experience for your customers, clients and friends.

My name is Terence Fernandes and I successfully crowdfunded for my short film Starchild, a film about a comet who comes to Earth. Ask me anything!

Nov 23, 2017

Eureka Of Life- A step towards better life... Ask me anything about healthy living and how to be motivated in life..

Nov 23, 2017

'How can I/we start work on your Debut E.P?' 'Where do we/I arrange funds from?' 'How to make the production cost effective?' 'What is crowdfunding and does it work?' If you have such questions in your mind Ask us Anything about how we went about it.

Nov 23, 2017

Meet the world 's first 4-in-1 Knife Care system for Knife Sharpening, drying, disinfecting and Storage Function all in one ! AMA.

Hi! I am Janice Montenegro-Toquero, an Interior Designer and Operating Officer of D-rawrite Inc. We are group of designers who worked in a Tokyo based Interior Design Firm (Draft Inc.), providing various type of interior and exteriors including workspaces, shops and multi-purpose facilities. Our team, with excellent skills and deep knowledge, provide total solutions and full services from concept planning, design and constructions. Ask me anything.

Nov 24, 2017

Social Media on BLAST! How to take your social media strategy to the next level and grow your brand or business! Make sure to check in so you can #AMA!

[AMA][Kickstarter] We are Nodding Heads Games, based in Pune, India! We're making "Raji: An Ancient Epic" an action adventure game set in Ancient India! Ask us anything!!

Hi! My name is Mariangela and I am a chemist from South of Italy. Check our crowfunding about organic cosmetics, lets start to think in a sustainable and healthy way! Ask me Anything!

Nov 27, 2017

Hi - We're the distict0x (DNT) team. We're building a network of decentralized markets and communities on the blockchain powered by Ethereum. We've got both a technical and non-technical team. ASK US ANYTHING!

#AMA Bare Life's Hot Cocoa and Chronic Illness

Nov 27, 2017

AMA Startup App for Veteran Connections - seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter

Nov 28, 2017

Hello, my name is Alex Hargrove. I'm an attorney by trade (WLU Law '11) but serve as CTO of a startup (NetLaw - we've raised over $10 million) that I co-founded 6 years ago after building a virtual law platform that won national recognition by the American Bar Association in 2012. I'm passionate about technology and using it to empower users/consumers to take critical legal matters, like planning their estate, into their own hands. Ask Me Anything related to law and technology, and it's application in verticals from financial services to healthcare; and, particularly as it relates to my primary interest of late, non-profits and planned giving.

Nov 28, 2017

My name is Cathyrn Eta (Pen name: Cat E.). I am an author, blogger and editor. My book: Cat's Book of Wisdom is inspirational words that saved me. I am currently working on my second novel which will be a short novella romance with a little erotica. I am starting up an editing company and will have a spring launch (May 2018) fingers crossed. Ask Me Anything.

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