Nice lady raising money to register company and new tool. Ask Me Anything :)

Wioleta Moniuszko (Gold)
Sep 9, 2017

Hi :)

I`m Wioleta Moniuszko. I`m here because I need little help with GoFundMe. 

Because of health issue, I started learning by myself how to make games. For PC and Android. I'm learning from books and from Youtube. I spend about 10-12 hours per day for it. It's my passion. For now, I need to register my company. Because of taxes. Also for Google Play Store. The next thing is rendering an UV Maps, and light maps. I have a very old PC. So sometimes it`s just impossible. If you want to know more or help, please check this link: https://www.gofundme.com/wioletamoniuszko

If you want a quick response - ASK ME ANYTHING !

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