I teach businesses & entrepreneurs how to effectively and affordably reach millennials & college students. Ask Me Anything! #AMA #millennials #marketing

Kenneth Cucchia
Nov 13, 2017

CEO & Co-founder @ Campus Credit (11/2016 - Pres.)Payment API & marketplace that provides businesses with an unfiltered channel for marketing & selling to college students. 

CEO & Founder @ Deals4Meals (6/2010 - 12/2016) Online Ordering & RDS for restaurants in/around college towns. 

Owner @ University Sub Shop (11/2015 - 6/30/2016) The former pillar of late night food delivery at Seton Hall University. 

CMO @ Jungle State (3/2013 - 7/2014) Jungle State is the first and only collegiate organization to offer music as a

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