I am the founder of an innvotive video excerpts based platform where you can discover, save and share interesting exceprts of videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TED, Coursera etc. This doesn't involve downloading or screen-recording of content and is as simple as highlighting text in a textbook. I am a techie with an MBA degree. I am here to answer any queries you may have. ReClipped AMA.

Nov 11, 2017

I have always been fascinated by the clips & compilations videos on youtube. Although, I love watching them, I have never dared to create one myself. 

Reasons being -

1. I do not want to download so many videos from different channels

2. I have no video editing skills. Making a compilation would require me to learn a completely new skill

3. I don't want to accidentally infringe someone else's copyrights

4. I have no intention of monetizing these creations. I just want to follow my passion for a subject or showcase my collection to my friends.

Hence, It always seemed too much work for such a benign cause :)

So, one day I thought to myself - wouldn't it be cool, if I could create something that circumvents all this hassle away! What if I could just highlight parts of videos while watching them and my compilation gets created online! It felt exciting and right as :-

1. I am not going through the hassle of downloading videos

2. I will not take any pain of editing. I will just specify which part I find interesting, in the video

3. I will not take views away from the original content, I am simply pointing to parts of the videos wherever they exist; hence, no copyright infringements

4. I will share my collections on facebook, on whatsapp, or anywhere else without the need to upload anything.

This led to genesis of ReClipped - a simple way of saving and sharing parts of videos that you love. And soon we realised that like any other curation platform (think Pinterest), this will be an amazing place to quickly discover videos per your interest. Thus, we introduced the mechanism of following users and boards.

We have seen ReClipped getting traction in different genres such as funny clips, inspirational clips, gaming clips etc. but what is most exciting is its adoption in the student community as a unique way of taking notes on online lectures.

Please check it out at www.reclipped.com

If you are a student, check out https://www.reclipped.com/competitive-exams

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