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Alison Johnson (Gold)
Oct 12, 2017

It all started after a conversation on a train.  The UK had just voted for Brexit and being an Australian/South African with a UK passport living in Spain, I was worried.  How would we be able to stay in this glorious country if the UK was no longer part of the EU?  I mentioned my concerns to an Irish friend who paused and then said, “You wouldn’t by any chance have a grandparent that was Irish, would you?”  I would never have guessed that you could get an Irish passport through your grandparent! What a relief!  We started wondering whether we could help other people with this same problem and www.wherecani.live was born.

Our web service asks a few questions about yourself and your family and then our specially formulated algorithms apply that information to a verified database of government and immigration department information and a few seconds later you are presented with your own personalised report. 

 There is no other immigration website that makes this first step so easy and provides you with government links and information for free.

You can also explore what it is like to live in different countries and compare statistics such as Cost of Living, Quality of Life, Education and even things such as corruption and environmental protection.  I am a sucker for a statistic so I have spent hours on this page doing comparisons! 

Check it out at https://www.wherecani.live/explore

Over the coming months we will introduce you to a vast network of trusted partners who can help you take the next steps to a new life abroad.

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