B2B startup? AMA. stop wasting your investor's money.

Noa Eshed
Jan 11, 2018

B2B startups post investment tend to rush into spending money on media buying. This rarely results in customers. More often than not, selling to people who aren't ready to buy from you leads to the (wrong) conclusion that online marketing is irrelevant for B2B. Let's revisit this and understand how to approach a B2B campaign that will yield results. 

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Do you necessarily need funds all the time for a B2B campaign?

Jan 11, 6:05PM EST0

Does a startup business need Influenced outreach? what other options does it have, aside from this?

Jan 11, 4:24PM EST0

How do I know when to begin or end a campaign?

Jan 11, 2:42PM EST0

When do you know it's time to end?

Jan 11, 11:59AM EST0

Would you join a campaign with another startup business?

Jan 11, 10:52AM EST0

Where is the best place you can invest?

Jan 10, 11:13PM EST0

How best do I handle an exploding B2B campaign?

Jan 10, 4:52PM EST0

What preparations do I need before starting a B2B campaign?

Jan 10, 6:16AM EST0

What is the best customer service option for this type of business?

Jan 10, 12:42AM EST0

Is it important to get more funds even if it's a failing business?

Jan 9, 10:57PM EST0

Have you led a B2B campaign before? What were the results of your crusade?

Jan 9, 12:33PM EST0

How effective is social media as a customer service channel?

Jan 9, 8:59AM EST0

How do you motivate clients to make referrals?

Jan 9, 6:00AM EST0

Are there other options to explore outside B2B campaigning?

Jan 9, 4:01AM EST0

How do you bring a B2B campaign to the international field?

Jan 9, 3:50AM EST0

Where would you focus your energy during a B2B campaign?

Jan 8, 2:33PM EST0

How does an automated referral program work?

Jan 8, 1:54PM EST0

For start-ups what are the benefits of a B2B campaign?

Jan 8, 8:38AM EST0

How would you manage a B2B2 campaign for a business with multiple products?

Jan 8, 8:35AM EST0

What is the best strategy for running an effective business to business transaction?

Jan 8, 7:26AM EST0

How much information do I need to gather before starting a B2B campaign?

Jan 8, 5:53AM EST0

I think it's a matter of quality, not quantity. Before starting a B2B campaign it's important to understand that closing a B2B customer takes time a requires trust. Make sure you understand your target audience and make sure to add value and educate your prospects before trying to sell to them.

Jan 8, 5:55AM EST0

What mistakes would you advise startup managers to avoid?

Jan 7, 10:05PM EST0

The list is endless. I think the following can help avoid quite a few pitfalls:

- make sure you set clear business goals that are specific, measurable and time-bound

- make sure to conduct small experiments rather than developing a full product before getting feedback from real-world people (MVP approach)

- make sure to work with people you trust and are capable of leading processes

-   make sure to position your brand and to adopt a mindset of adding value rather than interrupting potential customers

Jan 8, 5:58AM EST0

Would you jump-start a new campaign immediately after concluding one?

Jan 7, 9:49PM EST0

never. always analyze and make sure you understand what worked and what didn't before proceeding to new directions.

Jan 8, 5:59AM EST0
How long must your business be to start a B2B campaign?
Jan 7, 9:24PM EST0

I don't understand the question. Can you please clarify?

Jan 8, 5:59AM EST0

That is an odd question ;)

Jan 11, 12:00PM EST0
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