AMA#Top Trader Game New online game dimension: the first game in the world which there are trading global challenges with virtual money. Learn, have fun!

Marco Magnani
Oct 12, 2017

AMA#Top Trader Game

The first game in the world that teaches a profession!! Top trader game! A challenging game among users, don’t waste time, login in and start playing!!

 A route will take you through the first steps to the actual challenges and get you participating in the international circuits where all the users of the world will challenge each other.

There`s a practice area to begin your path in the game. By advancing in the different areas, you will be able to acquire all the required notions in order to be familiar with the financial markets; in every detail while you are inside the game.

Every tool that you can use in the game is made so that the user can learn its correct use, by getting a close look at what happens in the stock world safely. 

Playing in top trader game is just like operating in the real stock market; the only difference is that you challenge other players without risking your capital. 

Enter a new online game dimension; top trader game is the first game in the world in which there are trading challenges with virtual money, and you can learn a profession by simply playing. 

Don’t waste your time, fund us on Kickstarter and become a player! We will be online soon, come with us!

Link to Kickstarter for funding: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/768361825/top-trader-game?ref=categ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TOP-Trader-GAME-378027212632924/

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